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Thanks for your very friendly replies!

Yeah, I really think I should take things slower next time and try not to fall in love quite so soon, or atleast be more careful with it. And take it slow with making future plans as well. In this case, I guess what made me a bit less careful with making plans was the fact that he does live in a different country. In the beginning, we were wondering whether the whole thing would work out because of that, so we made some plans how we could see each other and possibly live closer to each other in the future. That was the bottom to start the whole relationship at all. Maybe such long distance relationships should be avoided in the first place then, I don't know.

For what it comes to my husband, so yes, he does make me happy too. If he left my life, I think I'd be much much more lost than I'm right now because of this break up. He's the perfect match for me in many ways, especially mentally, and he's a great partner to have in life for me. He's like my best friend or so, at the same time as I do love him. Some things such as sex in between us have become milder over years, although I don't think sex was the thing that made us get together really, not even in the beginning. Not that it was ever bad, it's very loving, and it has been there from the beginning and never stopped, it just has quite rarely been so intense as I've experienced with some others. It does bother me, but what can one do about it, I don't know.

I have also been thinking I should be able to be happy without the help of a love relationship. It is so true. But I find it extremely difficult, knowing what sort of really large happiness the feeling of being in love gives. Everything else seems sort of small compared to that! I feel like love is the meaning of life, and when someone I love suddenly goes away, it feels like part of the meaning of my life just went away. The other ones I love are still there, but I feel they really can't fill the hole since, well, they are not the same person.
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