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Default Aloha from Maui

I'm the male side of a relationship of 5 years with my girlfriend. We started off with a primarily sex based relationship, at least from my perspective. We developed into a close friendship with some great sex. She wanted more "commitment" which i judged (due to my conditioning) to mean commit to her only. I've never been one to give up my options easily so I just kept on going like we (read I) had been. Eventually our relationship developed to the point that we decided we wanted to have a threesome, that was about a year ago. Not knowing how to go about finding the "third", I just started going on dates with other women, figuring I would tell them about "my girlfriend" if it started to develop into something. She and I joked about "my other girlfriend(s)", it really helped to tighten our friendship but also made her a bit insecure at times. I decided to check out an old love of mine that I thought would be a great "classic" wife for me. I have found that relationship to be largely unfulfilling (surprise , surprise) but strangely I've seen glimpses of my unconditional love towards her. Thankfully, my girlfriend has stuck with me (friendship rules). We are moving back into our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and I have so much more respect for her and her capacity to love. We know that we want to have some sort of poly-relationship involving another woman. What we don't know is how to meet her...
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