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D, I have been thinking about your question all day.

What if...what if...what if....

Honestly , if she hadnt gotten ill, and the lack of physical intimacy between them continued, even though she did share that with another man, I believe that the would have split up eventually. But not necessarily for me; he has met a number of lovely ladies that would have gladly stuck around had his situation been different.

She is very dependent on him, no question, financially and physically as her caregiver. How you stated it is sometimes what I see. If he does sense that too, it's unbeknownst to me.

Hence my confusion here this week... So many layers to peel and i dont know how to do that without putting him on the defensive of her.

The week apart leaves me with too much time to think and fear and doubt. Yet I know that as soon as he is with me tomorrow, all will be well again. And I'll feel silly for baring my soul like this. Lol
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