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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Hope you're not ducking away because of something I wrote.
I think Finney isn't looking for the same advice/suggestions/opinions that I am looking for. She already has a close friend of 9-10 years who she has been hearing about poly from nearly that entire time. And as I've mentioned we've both had friends who were poly. She probably asked them more questions than I did so had more outside info on which to base her new life-choice.

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
What were the blocks she removed?
Finney was extremely anti-porn. My background is that of an artist so eroticism, nudity, sensuality, whatever you want to call it was normal for me. Don't misunderstand how she is though. She is not easily embarrassed nor shy about nudity. She has a liberal family background and experienced a very liberal college environment. Truly a free spirit in many ways open to experiences and the different life-choices of others.

She removed the blocks so I could pursue dormant interests. I would like to reinvigorate a neglected photography career/hobby which at some point would definitely involve photographing naked bodies. That's what I was doing the last time this career/hobby was interuppted.

We have had so much communication between us over the past weeks that I am feeling very comfortable with what may come. My eyes are wide open. I may have some painful or simply un-comfortable feelings about things as they develop, but I feel that I can deal with these as they come because at the core I know how I feel about Finney, my family, and life in general.

I'm actually still "on the fence" about outside love relationships for myself. I am not ruling them out but I'm not sure if I will pursue them or not. That may be a decision I make later on - or not.
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