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hmm. I think it's odd that people are assuming I'm trying to prevent her or drop expectations on her. I really don't think that is the case here. When I'm describing things about her it is either something she has outright told me, or something that I know about her because we are so close.

I also don't really think it's a situation where polyamoury needs to be considered because this isn't really a poly situation, it's an open relationship that sort of just happened after a break up. (When i say "just happened" what I mean is it wasn't discussed or part of the plan. She felt like she needed to have more experiences and just be single before she could settle down, so she broke up with me. But we are still "dating" and when we are together we act very close and loving.)

In any case, I don't believe her to be polyamourus. We had discussed the possibility of open sex lives before, but we didn't feel comfortable sharing each other. Also, in different talks about soul mates I think she made it clear she is monogamous. There is a possibility that she may discover she is indeed poly, but I don't think it is likely.

I guess to sum things up, I'm wondering if I should just stick with her and stay super close like we have been until the next phase comes (weather that phase sees us back together or not) or should I sort of "let her go and if she comes back it was meant to be, if not she was never mine to lose." I wouldnt fully let her go, we would still be friends. But sometimes I think it would be best if we stopped acting like lovers all together. But it feels natural for us to act like lovers because we are. That's what I'm confused about and looking for advice on.
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