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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
So YOU keep making agreements and changes, by YOUR choice. If you don't want to agree, that's fine, you don't have to, but looking at it as, "I did this for you, I don't want to do any more until you do something for me," is at best immature and childish, at worst dysfunctional. If her wanting to change the rules is the problem, you need to take a much closer look at how you do relationships.Not agreeing to a rule change is fine, but not wanting a rule change brought up is not. I've asked to change the rules a million times. Talking about changing the rules shouldn't be a bad thing. But demanding a change or putting a ridiculous time limit/ultimatum on changing the rules is Not Ok.
You are correct in the thought that me not wanting the rule change is an immature. But please understand that in all my relationships they have been monogamous from the start. More so the love has been monogamous. The sex in the end I can handle and enjoy possibly as I have never thought that humans were destined to only sleep with one person and only have chemistry with one person. But when the rule change has to do with intangible such as feelings and love that's on another level. More so I have been stubborn in this situation just due to the way that it has all come out and come apart as well.
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