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More thoughts after having the night to process...

I stated that I resent not being able to show affection in public. I think this is hard because she and I have many more opportunities to do things together in public, as friends, than in private. We have discussed finding a level of affection that we could show each other, at home, when around our significant others, but are still feeling that one out. I also feel like, since our alone time is so limited, it gets physical every time, which is great, but also takes away from the things we used to do together with our alone time.

I also feel guilt, because I think about her all the time and right now my level of infatuation with her is so high. I feel like my fiance is not the priority of my thoughts, and I am very worried about letting this cause a problem. I assume, and hope that this level of infatuation will level off in time.

Also, I have very different likes physically with her than I do with him... which I guess is expected. But again, I feel like he worries about this and me liking things better with her. I tell him that really it is just different and that I like different things with each of them. Again, I'm just worried about hurt feelings here.

Finally, I don't even know what she is to me... what to call her... or if it matters.

I really do appreciate any advice or wisdom from those experienced in this sort of thing... I am feeling very happy but very lost and confused.
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