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Wow. You people have a lot of fun twisting pussies and whips. :P

In case it`s too difficult to actually read, I said he is playing the role of a pussy-whipped man, by asking for permission, instead of negotiating what he wants. The whole reason for someone to be labelled as pussy-whipped by their peers, is because they themselves DON`T see what is happening. Wake-up call. your definition may vary, but for all intents and purposes, it is designed to be a wake-up call.

One of those 'There are no victims, only volunteers' scenarios.

If it was to be mean, or make fun, it would of been said like he should find his wife`s purse, and retrieve his balls from it. Isn`t that right DH ?

However, if his wife has since seen this thread, and he is now grounded from his laptop, I`m REALLY going to label him pussy-whipped.

I`d prefer to be wrong !

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