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Hi! My name is just Smoore for now. I recently just discovered Polyamory while searching the web trying to find out what was wrong with me. Wow! nothing is wrong with me. I was so relived. but then I had to tell my Husband of nearly 12 years. I was more than a little nervous.You see I had fallen in love with an old friend and was wanting to share this with my husband but I did not want to hurt him either. Well, it took nearly 2 weeks for me to come all the way out to him. but we are good now. he is awesome. So, I am married now with children and then I have a great bf who is also married with one child.
My husband is still figuring this out for himself at his own pace. I was not looking for a bf when this all happen and I was not looking for just a hook up either.nor would I ever but I think I am happier than I have ever been now. My only wish is that I could share my happiness with everyone I want to scream to the world how much I love my bf and he me but we live in a very judgmental area and I fear that. so that is why I am here.
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