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Smile Polyamorous Limericks

I composed the following Limericks:


There once was a party of five:
Their love was so warm and alive.
They sat in the nude
In frivolous mood.
They're here in the Poly archives.


There once was a party of four
Who kissed and made love on the floor.
The sex was so tasty
With cherries and pastry:
The food of the love we adore!


There once was a party of three
Who drove all the way to the sea.
Their love was so hot,
It burned on the yacht
And heated the crumpets and tea.

(All Limericks COPYRIGHT 2009 John Zora)
There once was the Power of Three:
Two girls and a guy oh so free.
They went to the lake,
Ate crumpet and cake,
And danced in the nude by a tree.

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