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Redpepper, I agree with everything you said in your first paragraph 100%. While I would probably like to think he's an asshole, I really can't...I like the guy and I've told him before, I understand jealousy, been there done that and likely to be there again to some degree. And I am NOT angry with him, just a little frustrated at the whole situation right now. The only thing I'm pretty sure about when it comes to this whole new poly thing to me, is that I ain't sleeping with someone I don't like, that I don't respect, that I don't have chemistry with, and that I can't trust to open myself up to. Other than that, oh anyone will do in a pinch. My wife agrees with me, but her standards are a little lower in that she's okay with the ocassional romp for fun with a well known friendly acquaintance and drinking partner. Of course most of her life she's been a saint, and I've got a reputation as a weasel. Odd how we change through life. Thanks for the input, regardless of how condescending it may have sounded with the, "Perhaps you can use this time to better educate yourselves on poly and all it entails before proceeding with another crush/love interest.". I know you didn't mean it condescendingly even though that's how it struck me the first time I glanced at it.



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