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Originally Posted by squirtteacher88 View Post
My wife doesn't like the idea of us dating anyone since her last girlfriend (who only dated her exclusively) moved away to south africa and I continually feel like a douchebag for suggesting things that I think will help her get over it and get us back in the game. I'm just not sure what to do and I feel a bit confused about my own sexual identity (that most people would see at face-value and call douchey when it's motivated out of respect and love) and I feel confused about how to lovingly explain to my wife that this isn't just a desire for me it's a need.

Any thoughts or similar stories from you all?
Get back into the game? What game? Why is there a game? Anything that includes other people's emotions should NEVER be considered a game.

Also, your wife is not ready or willing to enter into another relationship. She's still grieving the loss of the one she had before. Give her time and stop bugging her about it so she can process. Either bring the subject up again in the future after she's had time to heal, or let her know (once, not repeatedly) that you would really appreciate it if she'd bring it up when she's ready to discuss it. It might be a while, though, and that's okay. In the meantime, you could see if she'd be okay with you pursuing others without her.

I'm also just going to say that I second pretty much everything RP said about your attitudes towards women instead of going on a rant of my own.
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