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Yikes! Lol! That caused some stir.

He invited me to come along. They were going for 5 weeks, he asked if I could get away for a couple of those. I asked if she was ok with that and he said she was very much ok with it. Because of her illness, she's no longer active, tires easily and knew he would be bored and she recognizes he and I have similar interests so we could keep each other company.

How we arranged the sleeping arrangements? The house we had had 2 bedrooms, one with a double bed, the other with a single bed. She insisted on that room. Insisted. I felt bad and pushed back for them to share the room, she flat out refused. It was as if she seized the opportunity to NOT sleep with him. I know that hurt him. I did offer, several times to switch rooms with her but she continued to refuse. I insisted he go be with her to sleep but he refused, he wanted to stay with me. Made me feel awkward.

So I don't understand why she would or should be pissed at me.

I left after 2 weeks. She did, I assume, move to that bedroom with him. But they were not intimate.

D , yes, her relationship with the other guy did have a sexual component , yet she still didn't want that with our guy. I know that hurts him. It is a level of rejection.
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