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He had a number of very casual ladies. None that he was too emotionally attached to, until me.

She did have someone else who she cared for deeply, but he moved away. Occasionally she goes to visit him.

My weekly time with him is always alone, without her. We do go out and do fun things together and he stays overnight, we have breakfast in the morning. The timing problem is that I work during the day, he typically works at night. So when he's not working, it's tough to be away from home too often.

She was fine with me, polite, friendly, and still is. The Passive-aggressiveness was apparant when the 3 of us vacationed together recently. It came across loud and clear to me. It went over his head. I do think that it's because, for the first time, she saw how much I reallly meant to him, that I wasn't like the others. That's when I asked if she knew that he was in love with me. He said he hadn't said those words, but she would know that based on the length of time we have been together, the overnights (which he's never done before) and the fact that he invited me along on their vacation; a vacation in which he and I shared the bed the entire time while she slept alone.

I believe that it might have thrown her off with the depth of feelings between him and I. And the silent hissing began.

You ask what I'm waiting for? I'm trying to compromise. I have something really special with him that I don't want to lose. Our relationship has evolved so much in the past year and I know it will continue to evolve. He's asked me to have patience and we will work through it. And if at some point I lose hope that I will ever be satisified, then I will move on. Otherwise, it's too special to give up. We have something rare and precious.

That might make me sound pathetic....but it's what feels right for me.
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