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Default I seem to have ended up in a poly relationship and we're both mono. Advice?

Ok I'm going to try and sum up my situation here:
-I've been dating a girl for almost a year
-The relationship was going really well, but she came to the conclusion that she didn't have enough time to be single before we met. (she ended her last relationship just before meeting me) I don't think she really sees our relationship as a rebound, but she said she felt trapped, like she hasn't experienced enough yet. (I am 27, she is 25)
-We have always felt really connected, and still do.
-We still see each other, and are considering it "dating." When we hang out we are still very intimate and loving to each other, though no sex.
-I am very much in love with her and consider her my soul mate, she is obviously in love with me too, but it's like there is something holding her back from fully admitting/realizing it.
-I kind of expect/hope things will settle out and we will be fully reunited sometime soon. (hopefully a few months)
-We are dating other people as well. Though I don't have much interest in it, I will probably force myself to go on a few dates anyway. She is dating around because she feels like she needs more experiences and needs to figure out for sure what she is looking for in a life partner.
-It's sort of odd, because at this point we are basically in an open relationship, though I am monogamous and she very likely is too.

I guess I'm just looking for some advice for this situation. What is likely going to happen? What is the "next thing" that needs to happen for us to move forward? What should I be doing? Is it good to stay so close or should we try to distance ourselves a bit? (For the record, stay close comes really naturally to both of us) Thank you! I know this one is a bit complex.

(I know poly isnt quite the same thing as open relationship, but I figured people here would understand what I mean)

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