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Ok so new way of thinking:

Since H identifies as monogamous, and is seeing 3 men, logically she sees herself as still being single. Then I should see myself also as being single, and should continue on the path I was on before, which was improving my confidence, connecting with people, and managing my own happiness; increasing my ability to be openly affectionate with people, and generally making other people's lives happier by being in my presence.

EDIT: I am resigned to the most likely possibility that I was a booty call. Nothing wrong with that, just that I need to take it for what it is. H is pretty hot, don't mind being her booty call a few times.

EDIT #2: I've returned to my previous self-improvement inspiration: control your own emotions; find what makes you happy and do that; focus on what you have, and not on what you don't.

The way I'm thinking right now is just causing me stress and worry. I'd better stop it before it eats me alive. I still have lots of good friends and potential lovers around. It would be unfair for me not to be fully present for them.

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