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Sourgirll and drtalon explained it much better than I did.

Originally Posted by OkNewbs View Post
So it's a matter of the underlying emotion?

In the mono scenario, the underlying emotion would be anger/insecurity/mistrust. At least IMO.

In the poly, not necessarily any of those emotions, but there would be an imbalance... more "it's not fair."

Am I reading you correctly?
Yeah, that was the point I was going for. Probably not accurately, though. The "it's not fair" feeling is usually what I would go with for envy for sure....I had that when I was in a triad every now and then. Decent amount of envy here and there for various reasons, but I was never jealous. Which confused some people.

There's a fun comic online called "poly in pictures". In one, two people are playing scrabble and one asks "How do you spell Jealousy?" and the other goes "F, E, A, R."
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