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Default Sudden situation, same old problems

Hello all, this is my story, and I wish to find some help in my situation.

Me and my spouse discovered polyamory some months ago in November. We had just come back from a trip, during which we had met again a friend to whom I had a crush on previously. I thought I had overcome the crush, but it came back as soon as I saw him again. We came back from the trip, and I started seriously wondering what is wrong with me, why can't I just love one person at a time and stick with that. So I found polyamory on internet, and thought that this is the answer to who I am, and why I'm keep feeling this way over and over again in all my relationships. I told my husband about it, and he understood very well. He said he himself is probably the same, and that if I want to, we can also live polyamorously. I was very surprised, but very happy. I thought this is the answer to all my love problems: that I was never able to keep loving just one person.

So when about a month had passed, I decided to tell the guy I had a crush on about polyamory, and about that I have a crush on him. It went surprisingly well: he decided to think about it, and we ended up talking for hours online almost every other evening. After some weeks, we decided I should come over and stay with him for a week, so we'd see how it goes. I did, in February, after about 2 months (he lives in another country). That week was fantastic. We laughed together, made love together and basicly just were very close to each other for the entire week. It made me fall in love with him, and it seemed he also felt much closer to me than ever before. Later on he has said it was the best week of his life.

When I came back home, things seemed to get only better and better. He wanted to send me messages every day, and seemed very much in love whenever I talked to him. On one sunday night he then sent me a message, that he loves me. He had been to a party, saw a girl who was interested in him, and had realized that I'm so much better than anyone else. Nothing seemed to be wrong.

And then, one week later, he sent me a message: "We need to talk." Something was wrong. In the previous night, he had met this same girl again in a party. They had kissed all night. I said that's ok, as he knew, I'd be ok with that. But he wasn't ok with that. He said meeting this girl, no matter if he likes her better or not, had made him realize he doesn't want polyamory. He's not ok with the setting of me having another man, and he never will be. He said he always had this feeling from the start, it was just that he had been suppressing it. And done it very well so, since I had no idea there was something wrong. Every time I had asked what he thought about polyamory, he had said he's ok with it and not jealous, and that if he first had some jealousy it was going less all the time. So I thought things had been going towards the better, not the worse. He said he needed to think whether he wants to continue with me or not. And hinted with some words, that he actually has done his decision already. I was shocked and cried all day. The next day we talked on phone, and he broke up with me saying he can't do it. I tried to find out why he now all the sudden thinks the polyamoric setting isn't ok for him, but he couldn't explain it, and hasn't been able to do it later either in the few days that have passed after that. He can't explain his feelings. Also he believes in "the right one", and suddenly now knows that he wants to be the only one for me and myself to be the only one for him.

I just don't know what to think, or how to live without him in my life now. We had made some plans together: plans that he would come visit us here soon, plans that me and him would do a long trip together next autumn, plans that me and my husband would perhaps move into the country he lives in after a year or so, since we had been planning on moving away from here anyway. They were plans that made me really happy, and filled my ideas of future. Now they are gone and my future and life anyways looks empty.

I do realize I can't change his feelings, but I'm just disappointed he did this the way he did it. Like a lightning from the sky. I do understand that he's not very good at dealing with these things, since he hadn't had a real long term relationship (only a few one night stands) in ten years, and only one a bit longer relationship ever (4 months). He's 31. So he's not very experienced with relationships. Myself, although I'm 28, have had 3 longer relationships (4 years, 2 years and 5 years), so I did have a lot more experience on relationships than he does. I can't make him see what I've seen about relationships. And maybe his ideas about relationships would have developed different than mine anyway.

But also, this has made me think, is polyamory the answer anyways. Probably not, may be it's just a new name to my problem, namely that I fall in love with several people? And it's not just that either, I think it's also that my love gets smaller over time. I fall in love too easily: whoever I have ever had sex with, I've also always very soon fallen in love with. And I loose my love too easily too. After some years, it gets milder, and then I don't know what to do, how to make it stay. And every time it ends up with me hurting someone or someone hurting me. I don't know how to cure that, or is it even possible to cure that ever. I have lost faith into it being somehow better with some other, new person - why would it be, if it's about my love being so imperfect. I'm just wondering how you others do it, how do you ever stay happy with atleast one person.

Sorry for the too long story, but I hope someone has some comments or helpful advice. Life & love both seem so very pointless & hopeless right now, like there's no solution to anything. Thanks.
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