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Originally Posted by strixish View Post
If you want to teach your child that he or she is worth "more than some side action," then be sure to treat every relationship partner with dignity and as a whole person, so no relationship is ever reduced to just "side action." And, of course, choose partners who treat you well. I think that the way you interact with people has a much bigger impact than the number or configuration of the people in your life.

Also, here's how my friend (who is actually mono) came out as bi to her kid (when he was 4 or 5). "Sometimes boys like girls and sometimes boys like boys. Daddy likes girls. Mommy like boys and girls. You don't have to decide who you like until you're much, much older, and you can always change your mind."
I meant to respond to this sooner, but got distracted. Apologies!

I absolutely love the approach your friend took. Thank you for sharing that!

Also, in regards to the first paragraph, that makes perfect sense. I guess my concern/confusion comes from kids, at least in my experience, seeing things as very black or white. And maybe I just don't have enough experience yet to truly form a proper opinion. I always accept the probability that I don't know enough yet. In my dealings with toddler/children/even young teens, all the nuances can get lost. If something is ok, then it's ok no matter what & you can tell everybody & they can't say anything bad. But unfortunately it doesn't really work that way.

Does that make sense?

Sometimes my thoughts can get convoluted and even I get lost lol. If I'm being unclear, feel free to ask questions & I'll do my best to clear it up.
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