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Originally Posted by Qarzan View Post
I wouldn't quite say it's so much that I want her to say "I miss you" in return. What bothers me most is that she said she would call me "early next week" (which is this week), and she hasn't. Now it's Thursday, and I've made last contact by asking her to call.
I have struggled with this one, still do. I have a few basic guidelines that kinda help. No idea if they would help you but maybe.

I don't leave the when they will call back, or text back, open ended. We talk about a day. "I'll call you Monday." That way everyone knows what day we are talking about.

I play no wait to call/text back games. It feeds the self worth monster.

If I don't hear from them I contact them within a day or two after we were supposed to connect. With the assumption first that perhaps it's just a glitch in the matrix and not related to the way our relationship is developing.

No rules work 100% you find what works for you. These just help me keep the mean voices inside spread self doubt. Good luck! ((hugs))
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