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I wouldn't quite say it's so much that I want her to say "I miss you" in return. What bothers me most is that she said she would call me "early next week" (which is this week), and she hasn't. Now it's Thursday, and I've made last contact by asking her to call.

Part of me tells me just to chill out, kind of what Cindie has advised, let her set a pace that she feels comfortable with. But then I feel what one of my friends told me, "What happens when you need something?" Seems the men in the beginnings of relationships are not allowed to express closeness.

If she wanted to keep things casual, that would be ok with me. It would tell me what to expect and how to deal with it, and I would be freaking out a whole lot less.

I will definitely start talking to friends more. This has been difficult, though, since she is a dance instructor and has her professional reputation to consider, so I've been very selective about who I tell. And also, many of those I've told, I haven't told them her name (because they already know who she is). This makes talking about it with friends difficult. I think this really adds to the pressure of not being able to express myself.

In addition, I will use these forums to ask advice and let off some pressure. Thanks for all your support!
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