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Originally Posted by Ilove2men View Post
Ceoli, from your personal experience do you think that the self protect mode on seperating the emotional and physical can be completely overcome or do I need to reduce my expectations somewhat to protect myself from feeling defective and damaged again, if I can't connect on that level everytime.
Sorry, you weren't asking me, but I have something to say about it if that is okay...

That seperating oneself in terms of emotional and physical can totally be gotten over and not only that can become a very useful tool in many ways once its harnessed. It is a protection method after all. We used it to protect ourselves. Its just not useful in terms of those who love us and wouldn't purposely hurt us. It keeps me from internalizing many things and makes a space in my head for thought in situations where I am stuck and need to get out. It takes practice and patience, but I actually have grown to appriciate that it is part of my character and is part of how I have been shaped. Its nothing to be down on myself for, its the total opposite for me now as I have proven to myself and others its worth.
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