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I'm sorry this is happening to you. He must of been on and all time low to admit that he is disappointed with you that you haven't adjusted yet and feel compersion. That was really nasty and hurtful. He started this with hurting you and so it continues.

Is this guy worth it. He is expecting miracles if you ask me. Read some of the posts here on "cheating." Its a tag here in the search engine in the tool bar. There has been many people come through here with similar stories of partners rushing them through the grief they feel of having been deceived. Most have not consented to their partner seeing the other person. He should be thanking his lucky stars that you are willing to swallow that to the detriment of your own mental health. Why does he think you take antidepressants?

Poly is about consent as much as it is about consideration for all involved, open and honest communication, and integrity (another tag search on "foundations"). He has a lot of work to do to get to a point where he has EARNED your trust. It takes long than a year. For some it never happens.

I hope you are taking care of you in all this. If I were in your position I would be walking away. I just simply don't think anyone is worth sacrifice my mental health and the short life I have to live. I wouldn't be letting this situation damage me more and would use the last bit of energy I have to change my life.
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