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Hey all -

The foray into Groups has been under way for a while now. It's not totally finished yet but I'd like to post an update just so you can start fiddling with stuff and see how it feels. I've outlined some of the details below but I think it would be best for you to just feel it out without reading all that, just to see if it makes sense. It's unconventional so this could be a total flop, but I'm hoping that the structure can become a bit of an acquired taste.

Something to note - in the next update, Group activity will be paired to your Profile, so if you participate in a thread (it goes Groups > Threads), your profile will show off your activity.

This way it's easy to get a quick idea of what someone's all about by looking at their profile activity.

You'll be able to see the meat of the update if you click on the now active "Groups" menu item.

Looking forward to your feedback


Update Specs:
  • Improved "forgot password" functionality
  • Basic blog set up in the footer
  • Improved Messaging design (bolded usernames upon new message, current conversation indicator, resizing glitch corrections)
  • javascript warning - if you don't have javascript, the site warns you and tries to help you enable it if you want to
  • Notifications/Messaging Feed updates - new content is bolded upon receipt
  • Sex/Orientation Filter Fix - you can now select multiple options in the Sex/Orientation dropdowns in the People Filter
  • Privacy Settings updates - Settings > Privacy now uses sliders instead of check boxes
  • My Profile Activity Feed - you can now post updates to your Activity Feed
  • Email notifications - check out Settings > Email
  • Groups - this one's big:
Groups is where you go to discuss stuff with people. You can Join groups and Unjoin Groups. You can currently create new Threads within any group. You can "Up" Threads or the Comments within those Threads to quickly express a sense of support for content. You can sort Threads or Comments within those threads by New (time submitted), Top (Ups received), or Activity (how much participation the content is eliciting per view)

That's the big stuff. I REALLY hope you guys like it... fingers crossed on my end. Can't wait to hear what you think.

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