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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I am attempting not to get attached to knowing the 'outcome' of a relationship, whether casual or more involved.
I think this is a great and healthy approach - probably because I'm also trying it

Several months back I drove myself all kinds of crazy trying to figure out what a relationship meant and where it was going, and I'd given myself a lot of stress that way further back in the past as well. Once I accepted that I didn't know, just had to wait and see, let it (the relationship) have its own life and process, then it became much easier. I enjoy and appreciate the present a lot more, and my boyfriend is subject to far less of my insecurity. And as a result, he has become way more comfortable and open with me, which has really deepened our connection. I think that attitude helps me deal with my husband too, although at the moment he has his own issues which are getting in the way. But even with those issues, the fact that I don't have to know our long term future - hell, I don't know next week! - is helpful.
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