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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I think the concern was over the use of the word "boy" instead of guy or man, not concern over your age preferences. When I think of "boys" I think of minors. NYC may have the same thought process I do, which could lead her to point out that as long as you're seeking someone of legal age, you're not looking for a BOY, you're looking for a young MAN.

Not trying to put words in NYC's mouth, but I always dislike seeing people use the world "boy," so I could see where she's coming from if she is the same way.

As for it not being easy to find poly people in the 18-28 range.. I can somewhat agree. Not many people between those ages actively refer to themselves as poly. However, many people are open to it, so you just have to put it out there and get people to think about it. Many people in the younger age range relate heavily with the concept of poly, they just don't realize there is a word or an outlet for it.

Good luck with finding what you are looking for!

Yes, I realize all of this. I prefer "boy", It wasn't an accident. I just happen to be looking for someone youthful, as am I. I do feel you guys are being a bit overly sensitive. I made it clear, "no one under 18"... I don't even really like the label "polyamorus", it's so limiting. I prefer "non-monogamous", if anything, because that's what it truly is. Labels just box you in.
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