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Dragonsbyte, it's not and it won't be easy. You are new to this, as was I, and still have things to work through. We are all human and are entitled to feel the way we feel. That includes insecurities and doubt. Believe me, I can relate to every emotion you are feeling. Been there...a few times.

I get what you are saying about it being the same for both of you. But honestly, it can't be. She lives with him. You don't. And OkNewbs is so right in saying that why would you want it to be the same? You want to be loved equally, and you should be loved differently for the uniqueness that you bring to the relationship. He will want to be with you because of what you have to offer. And that makes you special.

Nycindie and OkNewbs are both right! This is new, take your time and figure it out. This may evolve into something wonderful and special or you may choose to walk away from it and find someone else but time will tell. For now, just relax and enjoy these new, wonderful experiences with your guy.
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