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Nycyndie, thanks for your thoughts. I would tend to agree with you. But when you've never experienced Love, as in Romantic Love, it's far from over-rated. Its a beautiful thing.

I have children and family and feel that love, but this is different.

I was married to my childhood sweetheart for a very long time, together since we were 15 years old, my "first"... And although we loved each other, we simply were not intended to be together forever. And we ended up hating each other.

I have had a number of boyfriends since that split and haven't barely felt anything more than casual affection. Meeting this person and loving him and being loved back, does bring me satisfaction and I have no regrets.

But yes, you are right, sometimes I do think that I would have been better off keeping my feelings at a distance, it would have been less complicated. But again, it's worth it to feel this love that I've never had.

I'm just a normal woman, trying to figure this whole thing out.
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