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Originally Posted by Christian View Post
She made her point clear that it is only a sexual thing she wants. And would prefer me to be present (as in, in the room or house at the time, but not a threesome)

She also has stated that she would never want me to sexually participate with her girlfriends and admits it would be a jelousy factor,

She wants you to "be present" and watch but not "participate"?

Watching IS a form of participation.

I don't have the training to professionally psychoanalyze this, but it sounds like your girlfriend has issues with controlling others. It sounds like she needs to be in complete control of everything you do (at least when it comes to sex and/or "polyamory". It is not enough to say "Run along, I'm going to have sexy-fun-time with my girl-friend, see you at dinner", she needs to have you breathing the air in the same room at the same time as the lesbian-sex is happening BUT NO TOUCHING (and that would prob'ly include touching YOURSELF).

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