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Smile oh and btw... thanks. :)

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
For instance, what if he finds a girl he's crazy about but you're not sure you're that into her... you might find yourself falling into bed with her anyway because you don't want to ruin things for the two of them. Or what if things start out great between the three of you but in time she realizes she's not quite clicking sexually with you any more... but she's falling for him and she thinks that if she pulls back from you he'll dump her, so she pushes herself to override her feelings and be with you regardless.
Agreed! This is exactly why it feels like figuring out our own individual shit with another person and nurturing that is more important than forcing. I'm gonna keep finding ways to work this into the conversations we have. He is a thoughtful human with a lot of fear, hopefully as this progresses he will see that there is less to fear and more to learn/gain from letting things grow organically. *fingers crossed*

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
When bi women are expected to be into each other just because they're bi it's dehumanizing... to you as much as to any potential new partner. If it happens, cool. But if you force it, it's just plain wrong. I know you get that, I'm hoping some of this will help you talk to your bf about it.
It does, it always helps to be reminded. It helps me focus so when we do talk it's with a calmer center.

The support people here have provided in just a few short days is a little staggering. My closest friends have been less than kind about a lot of this. It's nice to not be treated like a freak show. Thanks.
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