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Thank you, newtoday!

I appreciate your words of wisdom. I have some days where I am ok with this new relationship & other days where I i wonder if I am totally crazy for accepting this relationship. I don't like being the second, I would rather be equal to his other girl friend, and I sometimes wonder if I am a diversion to what she (other girl friend) is doing as most of our dates? have been on nites when she is with another person. This is such a new concept for me, yet I feel that I am a very open minded person & i thought i could deal with this without comparing myself to the other girl friend.

Thank you for the link to the I read parts of that this morning, and almost had me in tears, as it expresses so well some of what I am feeling. I would love to chat with you. Also thank you for the advice on friends & family. I think I am simply going to say that we are dating other people!
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