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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
This actually all resonates with me and made me recall an incident that made us laugh. I have a higher sex drive than MrS and Dude is horny ALL the TIME. At one point Dude was trying to sex me up and my response was "Seriously?! We SO JUST did that!" and I rolled my eyes at MrS - who comes out with " you know how it feels." I keep telling Dude that he needs to go get a "morning girlfriend" so that he stops pesting me 'cause it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...

Bahaha! That's awesome.

Leads me to a question, though. How long did it take you (I know, every person/relationship/etc is all different) all to become that comfortable?? I'm a little nervous about being affectionate, not to mention sexual , with my (future) secondary in front of Hubbs. That is my comfort zone, to just be free, but out of respect for Hubbs, I feel I should reign it in. Does that make sense? I don't want to push anything on him, I mean. Does that ease come with time in every relationship, or sometimes & sometimes not?

I feel that what you describe is my ultimate ideal. Having Hubbs, but also a female & possibly also a male secondary & we all get along. All friends, almost to the point of a chosen family. Everything is just... effortless. Ideally. I just wonder if that's truly realistic for everyone?
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