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Originally Posted by strixish View Post
These two ways of looking at things seem to boil down to this-- how important are those unfulfilled desires? Do you put them away once you've made your choice, or do you give them a place in your mind?
That's exactly it! That's the difference. I've thought about this some more after rory opened this discussion and that is the conclusion. For some reason I like keeping the other option available in my mind even though I've chosen not to go for it. It's like I never really make permanent choises, they're always open for another thought. I'm not sure it's a good thing.

Originally Posted by strixish View Post
I understand that in some world views, desire is the source of all suffering. I get that. I get that people believe life is easier if you can let go of some of your desires, especially the unfulfilled desire.
I actually believe in that, that's my world view. That's why this topic is something that has been bothering me for quite some time now, because I don't want to keep wanting things I can't have. It's something I'd like to learn to change in me. But I haven't managed to do that yet.
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