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Arrowbound, you are right. He tells me that I make him feel like a man. Otherwise he's asexual. He's admitted that it hurts him that she rejects him, attributes it to low self esteem on her part, she feels as if she is unattractive. My question is, if he believes that, how does he think he's helping her by having these relationships with other attractive women? By assuring her that despite these attractive women, he still wants her, in hopes that it wins her over eventually.....? I don't know.

I don't know what I am supposed to do. Feeling unsettled by this, as if he's pining for this woman who really doesn't want him other than a friend and caretaker. I love him, he loves me but wishes for her. Sometimes I feel as though I am just a pitch hitter for what e really wants, but he says thats not true, he loves me for me, but acknowledges that he knows it would be unfair to me if they ever did get the spark of physical intimacy back and I'm only allocated my one day a week with him.

Even he says that this is fucked up. But I don't know which way to think. But you're right, they definitely have things that are unaddressed. I'm the bystander with open arms who just wants to love him and be loved by him.
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