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Originally Posted by veryinterested View Post
To expand, my original question was whether it was possible to be with the same person sexually for a lifetime and not get bored. I also mentioned that I was interested in an open relationship, but my fiance was not.
I believe it is possible to be with one person for a lifetime and not be bored. I don't, however, personally know anyone for whom that's true. I know a lot of folks.

The person you marry at 20, or even 30, will not be the person you find yourself married to at 70, or even, likely, 60 (even if they have the same name and weight as they did when you married them). People change. I find people endlessly fascinating. One or many, they all fascinate me.

I also noticed nobody said it depends on what you call 'long term.' [from the original post] If that means till you die, I dunno. I know there's a poly tangle on here in which the married couple has been together 14 years (although married slightly fewer years than that). I haven't had any relationships that long. ('cept parents, and that's not pertinent to this discussion)

I'm glad you found this place. Much better for answers to poly questions than yahoo.
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