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Thank you for articulating so eloquently what my wife has been unable to express. I appreciate the insight. The fact that there will be another year together is the important one, with many to follow.

I can understand the feeling of betrayal no matter how many ways I try to justify my actions. That you can be open is wonderful and I hope he comes to trust that in your relationship.

The relief I felt when I finally came to accept that I am not alone in my feelings was wonderful and despite the pain I've caused I can't help in part being relieved. I've always tried to be stoic in my needs and emotions and put everyone's before my own so it was difficult to express my feelings. Your statement of what we are taught we should feel has been my mantra for many years and the feeling of selfishness won't dwindle for a very long time though.

I'm now reading the book thanks to you and Dingedheart, and I am very interested in the premise. I look forward to finding out how better to express my love to my wife.

So you have come full circle, at least in part? That must be wonderful for both of you if it works out. That your marriage is stronger now than ever before brings me hope for our future as well.

Thank you so much.
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