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I don't think jealousy is negative at all. I don't think its an emotion either. In my experience its a cluster of emotions.

(Besides that I don't think any emotion is bad. All of them are useful and tell a story of us. As I don't think anyone is bad either, I don't think their emotions are as well)

People seem to deal with their jealousy as they do snakes, spiders, rats and other creature they might find scary. People fear jealousy sometimes. Snakes aren't negative to me and neither is jealousy negative. The fear of it needs to be over come maybe, but they aren't negative. If someone were to feel jealous that I was spending time with someone else then I would think, "oh, they are needing to face their fears. How can I help them with that? How can I help ease that fear for them?" I wouldn't see it as negative, just part of their journey with poly and life in general.
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