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Default Not in a polyamorous relationship, but interested.

I'm really interested, but my fiance isn't. We've been together for two years and to be completely honest, I never knew there was such a thing as an "open" relationship, but now I'm pretty interested. He doesn't seem to be completely against it, but he says that the thought of me with someone else makes him sick. He thinks I'd lose interest in him if I were to sleep with other people. He says that maybe one day 10 years from now he might be interested.

Also, how many of you are in happy long term polyamorous relationships? The things I've seen from other people about these types of relationships consist of:

"U R NOT ready for marriage -- U still have lust issues. An "open" marriage" is for immature people who are easily bored out of immaturity."

"And open relationships are for people who are over-sexed."

"If youre taking vows to be with one person only then an open marriage is contradicting your vows & youre lying to your partner. Entering a marriage thinking its gonna be boring & you should see other people means youre not ready to commit."

"If you all think fcking other people is fine that's your choice, but its pretty sad that you think this is normal or acceptable."

"It is sad you are already interested in having an 'open sexual relationship' when you are not even married yet."

"If you are wanting an open relationship, and aren't even married yet, that means you aren't ready for marriage.
Marriage is about monogamy."

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