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Just a quick update...
My wife is still "trying on" the GF idea, mainly as a mental exercise, enjoying girl on girl porn, and discussing fantasies during sex. I'm enjoying this process but also feeling a bit frustrated/disappointed w lack of real "action", for example no real effort to find/date a woman friend. But I'm not pushing, as this isn't something that can be forced.
Some of you asked whether I was looking for a GF for myself and my sincere answer was no, but during the past month or so I've felt a shift in my own feelings re polyamory. I'm now feeling an interest in finding a GF, for me! Was I hiding this from myself previously? Is it possible that I've been projecting my desire for a GF onto my wife? I don't have the answers to these questions. My own feelings re a GF are best described as poly-curious, still figuring this out. A GF for my wife is not risk-free but I think it would be "safer" for our marriage than a GF for me (several reasons). And the truth is I'm very happy/satisfied w my wife, so I don't feel a strong need for a GF, but it's fun to think and wonder what might be.

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