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great points all.
really helpful to everyone.

im bi and my hubby has always known that. my bf understands that i am as well and they both (shakes head laughingly) get a kick out of the fact they can point out other girls to me and ask my honest opinion from an attraction stand point.

my hubby is a great balance between male and female.
he is very masculine, but he is mentally and physically balanced in the way he lives life and understands things in this life.
its pretty cool.

my bf is very masculine, period, but with a very deep connection to the kinetic world which attracted me to him 11years ago, as i do not typically like masculine guys.
i do not actively search for a female in our relationship, i am just open to the fact that hubby might find a gf one day and we both understand that she has to fit with the two of us, not just him BECAUSE of my attraction to woman.

i do not find all woman sexually attractive or even look at most men and woman that way.
there are a rare few men OR woman in the world that i even look at as attractive, let alone go 'oh wow, they are really beautiful people'
and i look at ppl just like that: who they are over all.

for my bf tho, its fun to workout with him and chat about girls. i often will tell him: (dont judge for this, lol) 'she is a BL Babe, shes all yours' as in if he were to go for that particular chick, i would not fight him for her, as she would be a 'blameless lay' from my perspective for him lol.

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