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The more I look back, the more that I realize my wife and her friend love each other in a romantic sense. I think my wife has suppressed these feelings instead of dealing with them because of the complicated nature of them. When I forced to confront those feelings she reacted pretty much in the same way as the girl/guy from NovemberRain's story.

We've all felt comfortable saying that we love each other, even if it was said in more of a friendship sort of way. I think if my wife is willing openly discuss the issue, and take an honest look inside her own heart that this is something we could have together. I haven't spoken to our friend yet, I don't plan to for now. I'm not sure if my wife has told her about all of this yet (we all work at the same place five days a week).

My wife is talking to me again today. It felt like a lot of the tension has lifted, although there is still a noticeable emotional distance there. I asked her of we could talk tonight, and she said that we could. I think my next move would be to ask her why she feels so against it. All she has said to me is that she has to be the only one, there can be no one else. I want to ask her what she is afraid of. What she thinks will change between us. What needs she has that she feels won't be met. She might find that she doesn't have any real answers to those questions.
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