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Originally Posted by bastet View Post

He knows this, yet still talks about wanting to share. I feel like it's a bit of a double standard wrapped in a package that looks altruistic. If he's always "sharing" and I'm not then he can feel upset with me for wanting connections outside of ours. I don't have issue with him knowing people that are close. I'd even share if the other person was into it. Yet my 'fantasy' leans in the direction of individual connections not necessarily group.

I'd be interested in people's experience with this if any or advice.
It sounds like you're being very wise in letting relationships develop organically. Even if he does always date bisexual women there's no guarantee that there will be an attraction between the 2 of you. If it does happen that's wonderful but why is he trying to fit someone he hasn't met yet into box of what the relationship should look like? Is it that he doesn't really want you having other partners but wants to have other partners himself? If that's the case maybe he should do some self examination to figure out why he feels that what is good for him isn't good for you.
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