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Wow,..thanks guys. Keep it coming. Some really good points for me to think about.

I have brought up the idea to her (since she has put retrictions up based on jealosy {ill spell it right someday}) that, if I am present, what if I am attracted to her girlfriends, as I dont plan on that, but know it could be a possible scenario.

She says she is ok with that, and that that is something we could share between the both of us, but it would never be ok to act on that.

And, honestly I don't think I would want to as I dont think that is what would make me happy, but maybe I would "feel" better about it if I was given that choice. Who knows...

I have time to think about it, as we both agreed to "not until we are married" But, keep it coming. This is helpful.

Thank you.
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