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Originally Posted by Finney View Post
We are working hard, communicating, checking in. I am trying very hard to make sure he understands that I want to be with him, I want our family together, I want to be intimate with him, and connect the way we used to, and in ways we never have before. We have lots to do between ourselves, but we are working on it.
It sounds like you have a good start in being honest with yourself. Just keep your eyes open and remember that, if you do date this man you're interested in or other people, you should be dating your husband, too. Don't let the relationship with Firehaus just be all about the household, bills, and child-raising, while other men are all about escaping to fun sexy times. You'd be surprised how many people come here and talk about the problems they have because they never quite figured that part out.

Yes, that means scheduling regular date nights with Firehaus, and getting a babysitter!

If you don't have time for hot dates with your hubby now, how will you have time for hot dates with him and someone else later? Like Dingedheart posted earlier, if you use each other for babysitters, resentment and distance will only grow. If you want romance with others, remember to stoke the fires of romance at home.
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