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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
It just takes practice. Practice connecting with a partner, practice connecting with yourself and practice telling yourself new good things about you so that you stop practicing telling yourself all the horrible things the abuse told you to tell yourself. (did that make any sense?)
That makes perfect sense. Abuse tells me I am subhuman. I am not good enough to be taken care of. Only good enough to be used for someone else's purpose. It tells me I expect too much if I think someone will love me and care not only for my body, but my spirit as well.... I could go on and on.

Which is why the emotional disconnect. I always tried to keep my spirit safe and unbroken through all of it. As much as the abuse told me these horrible things about myself there was a place deep down inside of me that was safe and I could tell myself I have a beautiful and unique spirit and that at least one person in the world saw the beauty of me... and that person was me and it was my job to protect that precious spirit from the world. So the challenge is to release that spirit around the people I love when im in a vunerable position.
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