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I'm somewhat surprised as the two of you seem to rule your roost together. It sounds like this is not in the bedroom kind of stuff so much as living day to day life. I would wonder how that would effect the kids? And your sense of self?

We have friends who completely live the life in this way. They have no kids living at home so it works quite well behind closed doors. When they are out in the world they are faced with much judgment and scorn. Day to day life is just not built that way.

Wow, LOL, I would soooo not be willing to allow someone to dominate my life in any way. I would be gone in two seconds. Having grown up in a household with a mum who was an old school feminist and my rather complicated astrological sign (among other things), you would see why.... if we all knew each other in real life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hard ass and certainly not ferocious, I just am very clear with people about restraining me in any way.

I would love to know how this would all work for you? How day to day life would be dealt with and what limitations to this practice would be be made. Perhaps a PM? I don't know how much you would want to say on here, or how appropriate it is to a "poly" forum.
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