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Default And and addendum to K

I'm the K in this story, and about 2 years ago decided I wanted to have a man in my life again. (My own story is so odd and I won't add it right here.) The irony is that I did have a relationship with someone who had two other girlfriends (and therefore had assumed he was poly) but he is by no means doing poly at all - it's all rather secret.

I now see that I could have stayed with JuliaGay if I'd gotten the right sort of counseling. However, neither one of us would be where we are and I still wonder if she and I have some sort of a future together someday.

I still don't know if polyamory is right for me, but I do know I'm bisexual and would like to have "one of each" and if I'm to have that, polyamory is the best vehicle I can see to do that. I've never been successful long time (past 7 or 8 years) in any relationship and perhaps a life with having secondary relationships only are the best way for me to go. We shall see. I'm excited to start the journey. In the meantime, JuliaGay and I have become quite close friends (although she understandably has an air bubble between us, which I don't blame her for) and I have visited she and N in Tucson several times. Currently housesitting for them while they are gone this winter.

It's rather an awesome thing...

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