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Default Wedding and working

Time for another update. First of all, I hope things keep on progressing in your case with time, Hannah, and that you are able to gain what you wish for right now. As it is a wonderful situation to be in from my point of view But you are right, everything at the proper time.

Secondly, our current situation. Things are getting busy with the preparations for the wedding of my sister. We have been shopping to find a dress two weeks ago, she picked one that makes her look elegant, sexy and simply gorgeous. Last week we went shopping again, to find shoes, accessories, a suit for my soon to be brother in law, tie, shirt and so on.

Lin accompanied us, as he was looking for a new pair of trousers. When he saw what preparations were made and how everyone was so exited about what to wear and such, he noticed that he needed a new suit as well. His family is more of the casual kind, meaning it was ok to go to such events with jeans and a jacket. Not in our case; therefore we will go shopping next month for Lin and Sward, as I found a dress as well and they need shirts and ties that match the color of my dress.

When we started talking about who should wear the tie, who the west in the respective color of the dress, my sister glanced at us with a little wondrous look, but she didn't say a thing. Everyone in my family knows how stingy I am when it comes to outfits and how I always want my partners to be 'a perfect match' clothe-wise on big events. For each of my dresses Sward owns a compatible shirt in his closet. That I was planning for Sward and Lin to match my outfit, may have given her something to think about

As I am talking about events already, Sward and I went to a ball on Saturday. It was lovely, we haven't been to one for ages. We did some ballroom dance classes some years ago, but Sward forgot most of it and he was a bit upset that this was the case. When he saw the other pairs on the dance floor he exclaimed that as soon as my sister and her (soon to be) husband would decide that they got the time (my sister is doing her finals right now), we will visit a new course with them again. I love dancing and even though he isn't a natural born dancer, Sward liked it as well when we finally started back then. I am really looking forward to late Summer

Lastly, Sward is employed again. I am hesitant to celebrate this, as the situation in his old company isn't any better by now, people are still waiting for their monthly checks and some people already left. If things go really bad, he will quit after the third missing wage, as this is the amount our employment agency will account for.

The second factor that keeps me from enjoying his new employment is the time factor. It's always hard for to adjust to him going to work again after his winter break, as our time together is severely reduced. I already spend two nights in a row with him last week and I think I will need two again this week. Maybe we will adjust our 'schedule' to the fact that Lin and I have nearly all day together and Sward and I only see each other for some hours in the evening. If I am not at one of my sport courses that evening. Then it becomes even less time we see each other.

Maybe this will become normal again, but in this new situation with Lin around and the possibility to 'compare' the time I spend with him or with Sward, the change and the discrepancy are quite obvious. Both of us were surprised that we put up with that without feeling the need to make up for that loss over the passed years. Both of us always felt the change and were a bit more attached to each other in reaction to it, but none really asked for something specific ever. Well, we will see how that develops.
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