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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Exactly. A market requires both supply -and- demand.

If you've read what I just had to say, hopefully you'll change your mind on that.
Nope. Male prostitutes still exist, men doing sex acts with other men for trade v. money is also something that tends to be ignored although it exists. How can you discuss how sex work, or whatever you want to refer to it as, overlaps other lifestyles/activities without counting for ALL sex workers? Your arguments have been focused on the few prostitutes you've met who have agreed (or claimed to agree) with your viewpoints.

@nycindie - I had resisted the urge, but just wanted to point out to dear Scott that he is guilty of ignoring a subpopulation of sex workers just like he claims WE (the poly community, I suppose) have been doing to the prostitutes (and their johns) that he is supposedly arguing for.
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