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Uhhh, how long have you been friends with them up until now? Because my gut reaction to the "fuck the shit" comment was, "What the hell?!?! Some friend!!" If you've been friends with them for a really long time and you think alcohol might be a mitigating factor, then maybe I'd agree with your bf and at least talk to them about it. But unless there's a loooong history with them, then no. In my experience alcohol usually just allows people to say what they're really thinking without the social acceptability filter. He, at least, sounds like he's calling himself poly just for the sex, but that's not how it works. Being poly doesn't mean you have to be any more open to sleeping with people than if you were mono- it just means if you decide to sleep with someone you have the possibility of doing so without cheating on a current partner(s). Not knowing him or you, my response would be to walk on. You don't need that kind of crap just because they happen to also call themselves poly any more than you'd deal with shitty, abusive friends just because they're mono.
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